About Us

Shilpa & Raj Patel, previous owners of Nelson Pharmacy in Wimbledon, have been offering weight loss solutions for the past 15 years.  Most of you will know Raj as he was a long time independent pharmacy owner who graced the covers of many industry magazine and won multiple awards.  Additionally, he focused on creative marketing to build programs which generated new revenue streams for his locations; this was the key to his success.  He sold his business because he wanted to help the greater independent pharmacy industry grow in the face of tremendous challenges facing the industry.

One of the revenue streams was a weight loss clinic that generated thousands of pounds of revenue and it was run by his wife and business partner, Shilpa. For over 14 years Shilpa grew the weight loss clinic revenues by being the “partner” to the pharmacy patients to help them with guidance, tracking, and the emotional support many needed to achieve their weight management goals. It is important to note that as Shilpa provided this service for over 14 years, this is a long term business growth strategy. Covid-19 has changed the methods to run a weight loss clinic and we are here to announce how we can work together.

We are happy to introduce our virtual weight loss clinic which means we now use the technology people have been forced to adopt in their lives to generate significant revenue for your pharmacy. We specialize in a few different weight loss product lines which means we have the flexibility to offer the patient the best solution for their lifestyle.